Friday, February 19, 2010

You never bled

Still got you in my head
Even though to you I'm dead
Feeling you in my bed
But for me you never bled

Wish you'd just go away
But I'm the one who makes you stay
I'm still caught up in your sway
And it's not like it was that great a lay

Were together only a little while
Apparently I wasn't your style
Just another one stuck in your file
And then dropped like I was bile

You see me and feel nothing
I see you and lose everything
You look through me and touch your ring
I look in you and need a drink

Sometime I'll find what's real
Won't fall for one who steals
Who ate me like their last meal
Just let these scars heal

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Can't let you take that from me
Won't come for you
As much as I want to
It's the only thing I can keep

Hate myself when its over
Just want to run far away
Got nothing to do with you as a lover
Can't let myself enjoy even a lay

Feel so guilty after, like I stole something
Can give you everything you want
But can't let you make me sing
And till that changes my soul will rot

Won't give you that piece of me
You've got to come take it
Can't let myself really see
So I'll just fake it

It's the only thing I can hold on to
Not like I've got some super staying power
Just trying to be true to me not you
And hopefully last the next hour

Monday, February 8, 2010