Sunday, June 14, 2015

Well this is pathetic

Jeez,  six months with nothing new? Six months since I regurgitated an old post on Christmas. Six months and Rambler has nothing to say. No new stories? No new drama? No new laughs?

None of the above. I just haven't been motivated enough to sit here and cut a vein and let some blood spill out.  I'll try now.

On the professional front things couldn't be better. There indeed can be second acts and mine is going pretty well so far. No regrets at all. Sure there are occasional headaches but being far away from HQ makes it real easy for me to just focus on my world and not get distracted by other noise.

On the personal front things couldn't be muddier. Relationship drama continues. I won't get too specific here to protect the innocent but lets just say I'm learning some valuable lessons and handling a messy situation the best I can.

Good god that sounded lame. Maybe this is why I haven't been on here too much lately. I self censor.

Fluff is good. On heart meds but doing really well. Still miss Skinny.

I may have to back to rants against institutions, culture and the day-to-day struggles.

It'll be a lot more interesting than this shit.