Sunday, July 5, 2015

Good and True

Too much time has slipped away
For me to lose one more day
Waiting around for you to see
The path back to me

Not getting any younger
Not getting any stronger
Just getting older
And maybe a little slower

Gotten used to being alone
That doesn't mean my seed's been sown
Still have something left to give
If you'll just let me live

Brown hair turning to grey
Every morning's two pills a day
Body's gone from rubber to cardboard
And if it's less than a quarter it stays on the floor

But I can still get up to speed
If you'll just come to me
Promise I won't go away
If you hold me every day

Will love you with all there is in me
You'll finally have that peace to let your head be
and what comes with you I'll love too
With all that's good and true