Sunday, January 31, 2010

Goodnight Salinger

Finding my way out of the light.
Don't like it so bright.
Take me night.
Don't care for sight.
Saw what I needed to see so let me be tonight

Friday, January 22, 2010


Got caught in the rain chasing your screams
Confused your pain for freedom again so it seems
How many times you gonna die
For that lie?

Keep looking for new holes to hit
More veins to slit
World's eating you alive
You just sit there ready to die

Don't know enough to come out of the rain
No one around anyway to pay
No saviour on these streets tonight
No one to tell you you're just right

Can't help you get out of here
You're stuck and you're end is near
They'll come by for a week or so
And then they'll forget you and your stone

Come out of the rain

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I really want to be the guy who's there for you every day
The one that will always find a way
But instead I'm the one who hangs just out of reach
The one who sucks you dry like a leech.

Hope you'll call me later
Maybe come by for dinner
Let me take you in the bedroom
Let me be your sinner

I will always be here for you
Just the guy to come when you a need a screw
Yes, I'm the one you want
When you can't have what you need

So stop pretending you'll get through this rhyme
I've got you hanging on the line
I'm the one dropping the dime
I'm the one taking your time

Not a bad boy, I'm really not
Just not ready to give you a shot
Out in the day where I can't hide
Afraid you'll see what I'm not

Can't show up when you need me
Can't be there when you want me
Just take what I can all the time
And get you thinking you're the one in the lie

Turning 45 later this week
And I'm still the same old creep
Turning 45 later this week
And no, I won't weep

Still out there using and being used
Still out there doing what gets me by
Still out there getting you high
Still out there between your thighs

And you keep coming back
No matter how far you try to run
Keep looking for it somewhere else
you keep going back
When you need to come

Thursday, January 7, 2010

No More

Feel you burning inside.
What I'm waiting for?
Hear you talking.
Can't take no more.
See you walking.
I'm looking for the door.
So gone now.