Saturday, May 17, 2008

Too Many Questions

Am I hiding or just being safe?
Am I ready?
Am I able to give myself?
Am I able to take in someone else?

How will I know what is right?
Where will that sign come from?
Will I scare them off like pigeons in the park?
Or can I get them to me like that stray in the alley?

Too many questions
Rolling around my head

Too many excuses
To act like I'm dead


Gina said...

like pigeons in the park.
stray in the alley. both wild, with natural instincts to run away when approached. Fear of rejection is so strong it can control our future if we let it.

remember the cartoon with the nervous little feline who was uptight around that romantic french skunk, Pepe LePu? Natural lover. Didn't even care if he was rejected. Some people actually prefer the challenge. I guess so.

Good poem.

Gina said...
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tourguide said...

Tighter than your other poems, yet more affecting. Kind of like a noir haiku. This is one I'm printing out and putting somewhere (I won't steal it outright).

Anonymous said...

Oh, pick up the phone!. I know you’re there. Stop hiding behind this blog and call me. I am lost without you.


Oh, if this is not your blog then I am truly lost. Left to the wreckage of myself.