Thursday, October 20, 2016

Perry Street

Got those urges again
My skin is crawling
Better go out walking
Before I try to make it end

Can't sit still
Can't calm down
Heart beating fast
Sliding off the tracks

Don't want that needle
Don't need that bottle
Keep that pipe away
Drop to my knees and pray

Curled up in a corner on the dirty floor
Staring at the posters on the wall
Someone says they have the answer
If I can just hear the call

They file in and they file out
every hour or so
And I stay on this floor
Because I need more

More hope
More desperation
More shame
More redemption
More pain
More love
More hate
More noise

Someone screams from the third row
And someone in the fifth row says shut the fuck up
The inmates have taken over the asylum 
And no one wants to go
The girl talks about selling herself for her next hit
The cop on the take to feed his habit
The teacher who shot up between classes
And the woman who left her kid in the car
While she turned tricks outside the bar

They all tell their stories
And in between grab smokes in the rain
At 2 a.m. the doors will close
And they'll go home knowing
They got through another night with their pain

Those quiet streets carry those lost souls
As they make their way home
Knowing the beast has been held in check
And the city is closed.

Hired Gun

Again the night comes
And I've got a job to do
Doesn't matter who
Doesn't matter why
I get paid 
And someone dies

An envelope under my door
With a picture and address
A money order for ten grand
And I do the rest

Just a hired gun
Don't take it the wrong way
Just a hired gun
You can't get away

I don't ask questions
It's not my business
If they've come to me
then it's time for your soul to rest

Just a hired gun
Don't take it the wrong way
Just a hired gun
No point in trying to get away

I didn't choose this way
Wasn't what I dreamed about as a boy
Wanted to be movie star or astronaut
Instead I'm the guy who makes you pay

And I know how this all ends
Won't see it coming
Won't feel a thing
Someone else will pull the string

Just a hired gun
That's what got me
Just a hired gun
I can't take it personally