Saturday, November 8, 2008

Saved Again

Driving down the ten, heading out to the sea
Sun in front of me, you behind me
If I turn the radio on loud enough
Will it make your voice go away

Want to out run you on the PCH
But everywhere I turn your there
Thought maybe this time I'd escape
But you always do me one better

Spun out and raced back towards La Brea
Maybe I can give you the slip on Stocker
Got caught up in some 18th Street shit
And now I've got more than you to answer to

I'm trying to save you the pain
Can't you take that life preserver
And get away from this sinking ship
This drowing man will take you down too

Get over thinking you're a rescuer
Sometimes you've got to let them burn up
Thought I'd lost you on Crenshaw but you're still there
And now my past is on your ass too.

Gave them the split at La Tijera behind the KFC
But you weren't so fast and you took the bullet for me
Isn't that the way it always goes
Saved by you again

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