Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fallen Angels

And you don't even know it

Torn apart
And you can't even feel it

And you think it's all part of the game

Been battered for so long
You never knew how to feel
Managed to fool yourself
In the name of being cool

Detached from reality
Disengaged from your body
Convinced this is the way

Blade Digs
Deep into your skin

Draw blood
Only way you feel

Take the pill
Numb it all away

Let him in
Doesn't matter if you don't want it
You can't say no
Because you think you're on top

Victim as victor
That's what you sold yourself
And you keep spreading that message
Just as you keep spreading yourself

Tough Acting
Only fooling the fools

Tossed aside
Doesn't really matter

Give it rough
But their scars will heal

And what will you have then
When you see your powerful is powerless
You realize that you gave it away
And they gave nothing back

One day you'll see
When the bed is empty
And the pills are gone
the pain lives on


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