Saturday, July 12, 2008

Worth The Walk

Saw you in my dreams again
You always get the best part
Woke me out of my coma today
Won't you let me be more than your friend

I'll take whatever you give me
A little water is better than none at all
I'll keep showing up, I'll keep waiting
Until that day comes when you finally believe

That I'm the one worth a shot
That I'm the one who won't flee
I know what those others did
They were what I'm not

I'll show up for you
If you show up for me
But I'm not going to chase
That'll only get me black and blue

Whatever the doubts
That keep you at bay
Put away those fears
Or at least live them out loud.

I'm not about stalk
Really, too lazy for that
I'm just the guy
Worth that walk

I want to get lost in your eyes
Rest your head on my chest
Lock your hand in mine
And lets go on this ride

1 comment:

Gina said...

you don't seem like a cad...

So i remember shortly after meeting my first H, finding these romantic, sometimes sappy love notes ( on good stationary) and letters (notebook paper) on my car windshield. I wanted to feel something but didn't have any memories of real conversations or experience to bond with. It was all this paper, words and no glue. When I finally started getting interested (many moons later after watching him for a while), he backed off. So I pulled back and there he was again. and again. and again! son of

the emotional tango?