Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cut Me

Figure it'd be different this time
Figure I got it all thought out
But I'm just as lost as I was before
And now you've walked out the door

You said I held back
And here I was thinking I gave all
Don't know what more I could've done
And when you gave me that look it stung

So I'm back to the start
Another piece of me gone
And the window's shut tight
Can't admit you were right

Back to my books,
Back to my words
Back to my darkness
Can't admit you were right

Waiting here for the next show
Hoping this one will play out
But you're still etched in my brain
And I'm still tasting your rain

So I'm back in my corner
Trying to get up again
Cut me so I can see
Cut me so I can breathe

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