Saturday, October 16, 2010

Status update

I know I don't write here enough. I spend my day writing so by the time I get home and actually have some time to devote to myself and the writing I want to do, I'm too spent to put a few thoughts together.

Of course, this is in part because I returned to my old career and while it was a good move, with it comes a loss of time and an expenditure of energy that drains me.

I have been doing some writing on the side. Another story. Not sure if it will see the light of day here, but hopefully it will see the light of day.

My life is good. My dad died and that hasn't been easy. But it's not easy for anyone who has lost a parent. I'm no different. I'm just glad, as I said earlier, that I lost a lot of the anger I had carried with me for so many years. I'd be a mess right now if I hadn't.

I am seeing someone. And she is wonderful and sweet and caring and takes care of me. Hopefully I won't fuck it up.

I still have lots of angst and darkness and blood that needs to flow here. I'll get there. I'm not too old ... yet.