Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tears Won't Tell

She beat her baby to an inch of her life
What makes hate that strong?
That kid's brain is gone
And the cops don't even blink twice

A thirteen year old girl buried up to her neck in the dirt
While a gang hurls rocks at her head
Another hundred stand by to cheer her death
Her crime? Being raped by three men on her way to work

Another day
More gone
No say
No song
Blood pouring
Free from their hell
No one's mourning
Tears won't tell
Did nothing wrong
Another day

1 comment:

tourguide said...

Your poems are becoming brutal, which may be the point. The pro-lifers who are against abortion in any case should read up on the hell endured by unwanted children and girls in theocratic fascist states. Simply not to be dead is not living.