Saturday, July 29, 2017

Breaking chains

Don't wait to clean up the past 
If you do time will have the last laugh
There isn't a tomorrow when it comes to burying sorrow
And you'll be left with a full tank of gas
And no road out to follow

Pain and bitterness can only carry you so long
Sooner or later it loses its bite
And turns into sadness and tears
That will destroy you if you don't make it right
Your soul stuck in permanent midnight

After awhile it doesn't matter who did what to whom
Who was the perpetrator and who was the victim
You end up playing both roles every night
Chained to a stage and screaming with rage
To an empty theater with blown out lights

As the years go by and people die
You run out of things to run from
And when you finally decide to turn around
To face everything you think kept you down
There aren't even ghosts in this empty town

It's just you, alone in your head
No one hearing your screams
Suddenly none of it matters any more
The fight's gone out of you 
You're nothing but soar. 

Time to get off this lonely road
Before it opens up and swallows you whole
Find the moments that matter 
Let everything you think keeps you together scatter 
And rise out of that hole that is your bloody soul

Friday, July 21, 2017

Life Lessons

The problem with taking in a broken bird, helping it heal and teaching it to fly is eventually it craps on your head and flies out the window.