Sunday, December 30, 2007

Rambler--The LA Years

Cleaning through some old wreckage and thought I'd post some of barroom babble from my LA haze...Probably scribbled at The Burgundy Room, which I believe was on Cahuenga near Hollywood. Darkest bar you'll ever go to.

You can sit in the dark
for only so long
sooner or later
some fuck turns on the lights

Now I got nothing against seeing
but there ain't a lot to see
so keep me in the dark
and just let me be

You say that's no way to live
but really, what difference does it make?
just because you're in the light
doesn't mean you can see

I'll take my darkness
over your light
take what I can't see
over your sight
can you blame me?


Sitting in black
Smoking cigarettes
Looking cynical and deep
but I'm just a cliche

I make $80 grand a year
But you wouldn't know it to see me here
Sitting in the dark with my beer
I'm just a cliche

I can act deep
I can look sad
If it'll get me in your pants
Beacause I'm a cliche

Take me home and I'll make you moan
but don't ask too much
Because I'm just a cliche

Listen to my blues
Swig down my brew
pass out at three
I'm just a cliche

Won't you talk to me
I'll be what you want me to be
Tell you what you want to hear
I'm just a cliche

Bleeding from the wrist
tub full of blood
now I'm drained
and I was nothing but a cliche.


here's another cheery one...

She's a vision of light
In this darkness of hell
Raven black hair

It's not my fault
It was destiny
You are my fate
So don't put up a fight

Now your mine
It couldn't be helped
Wrong place, wrong time
You got yours
I'll get mine


Yes, I'm in therapy.


Gina said...

Curb your enthusiasm, please! Therapy will never cure the reckless wonder of poetic license. it only turns up the headlights. Just watch out for the Hasidic Jew at the crosswalk.

Spin Queen said...

Therapy is good. Poetry is also good... bud don't let fear keep the best stuff in the dark.

Love, The LA-X