Thursday, August 21, 2008


She greets me when I come home
All I have to do is plug in
Belladonna waits for me all alone
Just wants me to sin

She's all covered in ink
And has that cute little gap
I'm all searching for that link
The one where you snap

Belladonna don't leave me
Don't think I can face someone real
Belladonna can't see me
But she knows my deal

Belladonna you're my escape
Because I can't escape myself
Belladonna you're safe
With you I won't hurt myself

I know one day you'll be gone
Out of my head, off of my screen
And I'll search the world long
for my Belladonna, nowhere to be seen


Anonymous said...

Is Belladonna your cat?

Rambler said...

No, think "Pictures of Lilly."

Anonymous said...

Damnit Rambler! I've been reading your blog for awhile now. Its bad enough that you think you know everything about sports and women. Now you write poems about masturbation. Its uncalled for. Damnit Rambler! Goddamnit!

Gina said...
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Gina said...

whoa...I think this is more about Rambler's desire for a nice dark- skinned housekeeper to take care of his loneliness and iron his shirts. I'm thinking Esther Rolle. She played Thema Evans on 'Good Times' and Florida on 'Maude'? Yeah, she's got that 'gap' in her front teeth. and the 'snap'...she could snap. Remember? Florida was jet black ('covered in ink'). And whatever became of dear old Esther? 'Nowhere to be seen'. Of course, the nature of the housekeeper fantasy 'isn't real'. Nope. The man needs a maid.