Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another Day

Another day coming to its end
And I sit here on the sidelines watching

Another day that I let go by
And I will never get it back again

Another day to say why
And I wonder where you went

Another day to be feeling
And I wish I could escape it

Another day I didn't face my fears
And I wish I had

Another day that passed me by
And I sat there stuck in traffic

Another day of missed chances
And I replay them all in my head

Another day you slipped through me
And I don't know how many more I have

No I don't want these days anymore
I don't want keep living in the dark
No I don't want these days no more

Another day...


Lux said...

cool, poignant, and powerful piece!

Gina said...

aw, Charlie Brown couldn't have said it better. You're a good man, Rambler Brown.