Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Perfect Together

Did you like me?
Did you forget yourself for a few minutes?
Did you cum like never before?
Did you remember to tip me?

Did I make it seem real?
Did I make you feel what you couldn't before?
Did I kiss you by mistake?
Did I get the cash right?

Did you get my number?
Did you think of her or me?
Did you like my shoes?
Did you get what you needed?

Did I make you forget your father?
Did I make you forget about those holes in your arm?
Did I make you forget about that time in the basement?
Did I see you put something of mine in your purse?

Who's robbing who?
Who's fucking who?
Who's killing who?

Blameless, Victimless, Pitiless, Merciless

Let's do it again soon
Take each other down piece by piece
And tell ourselves that it really doesn't matter
And that we'll be whole again one day

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