Friday, May 16, 2008

No More

Not gonna be your boy no more
Get your own coffee and scone
Not gonna be at your beck and call no more
Bat your eyes at someone else's bone

Suckered me for too long with that voice
Toyed with me for too long with those legs
But I heard how many other wrecks
Felt those legs around their neck

Life's too short for you
And you didn't pass my acid test
In the end I'll be better off
So give your hips a rest

Find someone else to tease
Find someone else you won't please
Move on to your next ladder
In the end you'll be the one who shatters

Wasted three months in your gaze
But that's better than the alternative
Left to die in your malaise
I'd rather live


Angelissima said...

Ole Lucy Van Pelt pulled the football away.

Charlie Brown, you're such a LOSER!

(Just kiddin' you're a good man, Charlie Brown)

tourguide said...

Probably you're most accomplished piece in terms of poetic rule. You trade off between effective 1-2 line rhyming and 2-4. Well done, mate.