Saturday, September 20, 2008

Crooked Pieces

Used to be so easy
Sit in the corner
Suck down my whiskey
Smoke up my Marlboro
Spot the prey from across the room, the one whose standards have just fallen far enough to be within my gravity
The one with the sadness in her smile as she looks to drown the pain
Charm her with my eyes,
Fill her with my lies

Fool each other that we've found each other
That at long last these two crooked pieces and have found their fit
And as we drift further away from what is real we'll convince ourselves that this is it
Suddenly the nightmare of our lives will feel some light
And we'll maul each other on the way back to the hole from where we came
And we'll reveal things no one knows
The scars, the pain, the shame, the hurt
Will all fade as we melt into each other

In the morning, we'll return to our shells
The walls will go back up
And we'll realize we've done it again
Gone down the wrong alley for the wrong answer
The hurt will be twice as bad
Gave away the only thing we had
To a stranger we thought could take it away
Now they're gone and we're here to stay

1 comment:

Gina said...

a crooked piece, a crooked smile. crooked dreams which last a while. hey have you ever used eharmony?
I tell ya, I was highly skeptical... but there most certainly something to it.