Friday, December 19, 2008

Keep Me Close

Twenty four days since I've seen you
Feels like twenty four years
So much has happened in that time
Gotten so much closer from so far away.

Am I pushing too fast
Or is the dream within my grasp
Am I saying what I mean
Or what I want you to hear

Think you know what love is going to be
Just want to get it back to you and me
Turn off the noise, shut down the lights
Let me hold you close in the dead of night

You're so near and yet just out of reach
And I'm doing my best to show you who I am
And I'll still be there when it hits the fan
Won't let you down like those who went before

Knew when I first saw you all those years ago
That you could be the one if I could step up
And I had to go to hell and back
To be that guy who's the guy for you

You weren't looking for me
But here I am and we're in it
I won't cut and run that I promise
Just don't leave me out when it hits the fan

Keep me close
Don't let me out of sight
Gotta trust that I'm here
Through the darkest night

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