Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Demand to be seen

Sometimes I think I've lost the ability or desire to connect.
Then I remember those I've reached so far away
And I realize I'm not a psychopath
I've just lost my way

Need to relearn how to feel
Numbed myself for so long
No idea anymore what is real
No wonder I feel so gone

Sometimes need to cut myself
Just to make sure I still bleed
Take those dreams off the shelf
And demand to be seen

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Until I Run Out

She lent me her love for a little bash
And I left a check on the dresser
She said she'd only take cash
Life was better without paper

She gave me an hour
And I used 59 minutes
Smelled like a flower
And she tasted exquisite

And when I was done
She slipped into her heels
Said thanks for the fun
And then I had to feel

She started to walk to the door
I reached out to grab the bottle
Thought about buying a little more
Told her to sit and stay for awhile

Not ready to be alone
Rather pay for the company
And all her pretend moans
Until I run out of money

And when that moment comes
And she's out of my life
I'll find somewhere else to run
To make me feel right