Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Down Nowhere Again With You

Waited for you to lock the doors
At a quarter to five
Downed my last shot, cancelled my whore
And went out alive

You pulled around in your 64 Falcon
Gave me look that said take me for a ride
Chased you down the street desperate for your welcome
You winked at me, took it in stride

Back at your place you tied me to the bedpost
Told me I wouldn't forget this one
Lit the candles, got the cuffs and I knew that was no boast
And there was no where for me to run

Stuck there in my feelings
Thrashing against my wrists
My head still reeling
What the fuck was in that shit?

Found myself a few days later in an ally
Nothing left of me but me
You took all I had, split to the valley
And I lay dying down in the 213

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