Saturday, June 8, 2013

On This Road

Not going anywhere yet
Don't let my words fool you
Still have a lot to do here you bet
Don't let my thoughts worry you

Too many things on my to do list
To start eying the exits
Too many girls I want to kiss
Don't need to have me arrested

Plenty of sunny days ahead
Not ready to go underground
Lots of reasons to get out of bed
No matter what, I'll still be around

Too many things I need to start
Plenty of crazy I need to be
Just sometimes like to get dark
Doesn't mean I don't want to see

So don't call the ambulance
Keep the doctors on hold
I still have plenty of sense
And am still on this road

So read me with a smile
It's just an exercise that's all
Going to be here for awhile
No one is headed for a fall

The Zevon of it all

Yes, I realize my verses of late are on the grim side. But think of them as lyrics to Warren Zevon song. His words were dark and his music upbeat. "Poor Poor Pitful Me," "Excitable Boy," "Splendid Isolation." Depressing lyrics but great music.

Now I just need someone to write the music.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Just for a second

Wake up and someone else is gone
Just another reminder
That I've got more days behind me than I do in front
And I don't have much to show for it

Don't want to look back and wonder what it was all for
Don't want to look back wishing I'd done more
Don't want to look back thinking about unsettled scores
Just want to feel at peace

Go to bed and someone else gone
Just another reminder
My day is nearly done
And I've lost the strength to run

Used to laugh at what made the old man cry
Now I know he was thinking about his time to die
It's the little things that cut our hearts open
And leave us totally broken

Can't remember what happened yesterday
It seems so long ago
But I can tell you every detail of a day long since past
That I'd give anything to have back again 
Just for a second