Saturday, October 11, 2008

Indian Summer

What do you think when you catch me trying to catch your eye?
Will you look at me and say `yeah, let's go for a ride.'
Or just glance past to the guy down the street ten years my junior?
And who's reflexes caught you sooner

Am I that one you want me to be?
Or just another you pretend not to see?
Do I have a chance to get into your head?
Or am I headed towards another night alone in my bed?

The Indian summer brings them all out
Keeps me glued to that corner watching their route
One last day for backless dresses and strappy sandals
One last night for no regrets and a throwaway scandal

Sat on that stoop from dawn to dusk
Watching my mood turn from love to lust
Spread what's left of my hair across my top
Flex my arms as if that'll make you stop

Blow two hours running and lifting in the gym every day
Not that it'll keep grim reality away
Got rid of the beer, the smokes and the wine
Like somehow that'll turn back time

Someone said this getting old isn't for cowards no sir
And I'm the living proof, that's for sure
Just about at the halfway point, maybe a little more
Is the fun part of this ride really over?

I got one more Indian Summer to sit and stare
Another weekend to be stuck in my lair
In my head we dance down the street
In my heart you make me believe

Not going to go away just yet
This heart's got one more big get
Get my self off this corner for just one day
And chase you down and make you stay


Anonymous said...

hey - I like this. I got your message on FB and will write back shortly.


Anonymous said...

If you haven't already, see chapter 6 in The Last Mad own take on the aging process.