Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Just Another Night

Saw your ad at quarter to four
And a half hour later I was at your door
Just looking for one more high
Before the sun comes up and I say goodbye

Took a cab to your projects on 135th and 5th
Climbed over the bodies and trash and filth
That filled your halls and my soul
Don't know why I'm here, feel so old

You pass me a pipe and bic
It's amazing what I'll do for my dick
Gone to those places I swore I'd never go
Drawn in by the broads, booze and blow

Anything to escape myself
Anything to forget myself
Caught up in this man-made nightmare
Determined to never be clear

And that fucking sun came up again
And I'm still here stuck in the same
And it's all bullshit, I'm just afraid
Taking the cowards way is just so lame

Swear I won't be back as I stagger to the door
Throw what's left of my bag on the floor
Staggering out into that cruel daylight
And back home, just another night.

1 comment:

tourguide said...

Yes! That's the kind of revelation I've been wanting and waiting for, and so do other inquiring readers just as bored and in need of titillation as spectators.
If that doesn't tell you how far you've come nothing does.