Friday, March 31, 2017

The Wind

Up early and the wind is still blowing
Maybe it's trying to clean out some of the mess
Left in my head, left in my bed.
Maybe the wind knows what's best

Not sure what the future means
Never saw it and I don't believe
The past is the past, it never lasts
Which leaves today
To hope and pray

That I can get through what's in front of me
Without worry about what's ahead or lamenting what's behind
What's done is done
I cannot run

No need to hide
No need to cry
No need to fear
No need to go mad

Just take each minute as it comes
Until those minutes outlast the sun
Then lay me down to rest
While the wind decide what to do with this mess

Windy Nights

Windy Night
Making the city crazy
Drivers all over the road
While palm trees blow lazily

The windows slam shut
As the wind cuts through
Cat goes running under a parked car
Because she knew

Nothing seems quite right
On these windy L.A. nights
Everyone seems a little on edge
As if they're running from the dead

Race home and lock the door
Cant' take being on those streets no more
But even inside I don't feel safe
From all the noise the wind makes

Doors are creaking
Floors are squeaking
All alone and yet feel I'm being watched
As the wind invades my every thought

I'm back

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Bobbing and Weaving

Kept feeling persecuted
For decade-old crimes
We shall not regret the past
And I don't regret mine

They say trust the art not the artist
But sometimes it's the other way around
Words and stories is all they are
Not true confessions left in the back of a bar

I use different rhyming schemes
Because it fits my mind
Always dancing and always moving
Scared to stand still and run out of time



Made the mistake of saying to much
And paying a high price
So sometimes I shut down
Even at the risk of losing what's around

We crashed into each other
At just the right time
But just as I was drawn to your damage
You became repelled by mine

Not putting this here for anyone to see
Just me here. Nobody but me.
And I can handle that for another day
Nothing left to lose so I'll stay

Not as dark as I pretend
Not as cynical as I act
Just defenses I've developed
To keep myself intact

They say there's a child inside of us
Well mine's been hiding since I left the womb
I've tried drinking and smoking him out
But he stays safely tucked away in his room

If he came out and I let him be
I'm afraid he'd take me down in one punch
I act tough but he's the strong one
And I'll only win when he beats me

So stop waiting for some invite
Get out here and let's fight
Break our hands and our bones
At least we won't be alone

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Well if you clicked on that link then you're here. You're inside some of my head. Honestly, I don't write a ton here anymore. Heck this may be only my second entry this year. It's kind of sad how I've let it go.

I used to be a lot more prolific. Stories, poems, rants, musings, etc. Productivity went down as the novelty wore and from my return to journalism. But nonetheless there's a lot of stuff here that will shed some light into the darkness that is my mind.

No, I never told you about this place. It was my own little secret. And judging on my readership stats, I've done a good job of keeping it quiet. Ha ha. Actually in the early years I would get comments from friends who were aware of my secret identity, but I probably never cracked more than a dozen readers.

Now maybe you'll be 13.

And maybe I'll start writing more.

Sunday, March 19, 2017


Trying to shut down the noise
That has served me so well all these years
The noise that keeps my thoughts at bay
The noise that keep my hell away

But that noise is killing me too
That noise is sucking me dry
That noise has taken my soul
That noise can't fill my hole

The noise keeps me down
The noise stops me from moving on
The noise I can't let go
The noise that doesn't know

That it's time to leave
Time to let me be
Time to get on the road
Time to stop carrying that load