Friday, September 5, 2008

Waiting For You To Want Me

I don't get your look
Can't get you to see my hell
If I wore it on my sleeve
Would it make you bleed for me?

Yeah I'm not that guy you're supposed to steer clear of
I'm the one you really steer clear of
He looks like he's on the edge
I look like I'm on the ledge

If I came on to you would you take me in?
Or just pass me by because I don't look like I'm hurting?
If I looked like a train wreck
Would that get me into your bed?

But if I just hold my own and get by
It's like somehow I'm not tough enough for your eyes
Die to survive to live that lie

You got that thing
Want the one who's an inch above the ground
Never mind that he'll fuck you over
And never come around
You'll be left holding the bag
And yet when he slinks back to town you'll swallow him down

I'll be the one still there when he goes out again
I'm the one tough enough to do the time
While your boy keeps dropping dime

But you'll walk right past the one who can carry you
And race back to the one who hurts you
I'll still be in that room counting the years
While he struggles to count the days

He'll get your sympathy
I'll get your pity
He'll get your lust
I'll eat your dust

But I won't bleed for you
I won't go down to try to get you around
Can't get caught in that trap

So just roll by me again
Put it all down on that losing hand
And maybe one day when you tire of your yo-yo toy
When you're through playing with that boy
When it's the middle of the night
And you see he's never going to be right
Your dreams have been left for dead
And it's not even right in bed
I'll still be there
Where you can always find me
Waiting for you to want me