Monday, November 3, 2008

Watch You Watch Paint Dry

I'd watch you watch paint dry
Listen to you read a book
Hear you whisper in my ear and tell me lies
Wherever you go is where I'll look

I'll follow you down a library aisle
Let you run your car into mine
Anything to hold your eyes for awhile
You're the one too good for my line

I'd watch you watch paint dry
Listen to you eat marshmellows
Sit by your window just to hear your sigh
And know I can do better than all your other fellows

Bought this new jacket for you to see
Shined my shoes for when I walk down your street
Got my hair cut right and I'm ready to be
The one those other guys of yours can't beat

My car is all cleaned and waxed
I got goodies for you in the glove box
Sprayed myself with a ton of Axe
You want to be the chain or the lock?

I'd watch you watch paint dry
Listen to you make a confession
Hear you tell them lies
And be my new obsession

1 comment:

tourguide said...

I'm stealing that line from you, just as I've done for other Ramberisms, and credit it as mine. Or I guess you are on constant retainer.
To be serious here, at some point you should have a reading of your verse. I'd volunteer to read out loud and wouldn't even call it mine - or yours.