Friday, October 25, 2013

New York City Serenade

Tonight was one of those perfect fall nights that make miss this place.
A chill was in the air. People were just a little bundled up. The streets were alive.
People just look better here than they do in Los Angeles. The girls (woman) don't feel the need to show all their skin. They know less is more. I'll take a skirt and blouse over jean cutoffs and a midriff exposing tank top any day.

Just watching life was a blast. Even standing on the subway didn't seem so bad. I miss the Daily News and the New York Post.

Of course, I'm also not coming home to a tiny two room apartment in a sixth floor walkup. I'm in a nice place that I could never afford if I moved back here.

Nonetheless, can't wait for tomorrow morning and the long run in Riverside Park.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I wish

I was on the streets of New York City in 1977 with Marquee Moon playing in the background.

That would be pretty cool.

Darkness Calls

Heading back to those streets
Looking for what I lost
Got no one to keep me clean
Or remind me of the cost
Want to taste that darkness one more time
Need to submit to my boss
Wondering if tomorrow will be mine
Or if all will be lost

Driving home

Driving home tonight
Going through the intersection with a green light on my side
SUV still pulled out of nowhere looking for a head start I guess
Had to think for second about whether to honk the horn or force the crash

I wanted to smash into him
I wanted to see the hood buckle and the windshield shatter
Maybe get some glass in forehead
And think damn I had the right of way

Instead I honked the horn and cursed
Next time he won't be so lucky
Take us both out in a flash
As long as I can feel good about it