Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sitting Here Waiting In My Head

Been sitting here waiting on the phone
Just looking for a connection
Tell me I'm not alone

Been like this for years and years
Keep thinking the answer is coming
With a ring and the sound of you near

I'm looking for me in you
And that just won't do
I'm not eating and I can't catch my breath
Is this love or slow death?

I'm afraid to call you
That can't be right
If we're together it's true

Why can't I feel loose with you?
Want to think we're on the same page
Yet I always feel I'm chasing the blues

I want you near
Yet sometimes I live in fear
That you will decide to cast me aside
And keep on marching in stride

The hurt from this one will be too much to bear
But this can't be any way to be with someone
Second guessing every move, too much I care


tourguide said...

Like the rhyme structure; it's hard to do.
First to third sentence. Then first to second and third to fourth.
Free verse has its place, but a structure packs more punch.
I sometimes think free verse is just laziness.

Gina said...

i much prefer the free verse here. The need to express thoughts and feelings will often supercede the need for structure and in doing so, will convey everything it was meant to.

Anyway, I get ya. It's difficult to overcome feelings which are deeply ingrained. Hang in there.