Saturday, February 16, 2008


Just one more time
Just one more taste
Just one more late night
Just one more waste

don't want to feel this crap
don't want to hear this noise
don't need to be in this space
don't need to watch my back

Take it away from me
relieve me from the burden
Take it away from me
ease me from the bondage

i'm free of the chains
so why do i want to put them back on
i'm free of that pain
so why do i want to cut myself through

I get tired of the bullshit
I get bored with the con
I get frustrated and decimated
feel like it's all a lie

I know what I am
I know where I've been
I know what I want
I know what I can't have

You speak of promises
Someday perhaps I'll know
For now I'm not sure what they are
But I'm not ready to go


Angelissima said...

Did you?

Rambler said...

Me? No. Just blowing off steam. I believe in the promises.