Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Past another ghost today
Looked right through me
Those hallow eyes staring at nothing
Too tired to close
Innocence long shattered
Nothing keeping her together

Always chasing that first time
Never finding it again
See those ghosts all over town
Not dead yet, but they sure aren't living

Wish I could bring them back
Wish I could make them see
But the lure of that darkness
It's too hard for them to beat
Towels over the windows, shattered glass on the floor
Won't they get tired of being tired
No they just come back for more

Don't want to see anymore of these ghosts
Can't keep looking at them looking at the abyss
Want to smack your head into the ground
For what your doing to you is what you did to me
Don't know that yet, you're too far gone to feel

Don't want to see anymore ghosts today

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