Thursday, December 18, 2008


Just want to be there and get you through
Feel so helpless from here
I know this isn't really about you
But you're in pain which means I am too

Life isn't always fair
And sometimes people don't get their share
Of the breaks and the breath that we take for granted
As we all make our way through each day

No one seems to know what's wrong
Just because they're in a building and where gowns
Doesn't mean they have all the answers
Only means sometimes they don't ask all the questions

Wish I could chase it all away
Make all that pain just dissipate
See that smile back in your eyes
Hearing you laugh now would make me cry

Now we see what powerless is
On our knees looking for grace
So easy to get mad right now
But that's not what it's all about

We can't know where this will go
Can only do our part and hope
And no matter what happens in the end
I'll still be here holding you more

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