Wednesday, October 22, 2008

For One Perfect Night

For one perfect night
One where there are no regrets
One where I'm desiring more
One where I'm at peace with less

For one perfect night
That didn't want to end
That reminded me why we're here
That showed me hope

For one perfect night
If it fades into oblivion
If it turns out to be a trick
If it was nothing it was worth it

For one perfect night
Showed me I can still feel
Showed me I can still give
Showed me I can still be

For one perfect night
And if tomorrow I'm back in hell
And if tomorrow I'm empty again
And if tomorrow the clouds return

It won't matter at all
Because for one perfect night
I knew the hunt was still on
The chase was still in me
That I was worth it
I could feel
I could be felt
I could breathe
That all that went before
Was just a prelude
For one perfect night

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