Saturday, January 19, 2008

Last Stop

Coming up from the 96th Street Station
I'm missing Fowad, I'm missing Happy Burger
My neighborhood's going
And the snow is getting ready to come

The 1-2-3 still aren't running right
Every weekend I see those idiots staring down the express track
Even though there's no light staring back
And I just roll my eyes in silent contempt

I know we're clean now
I know it's supposed to be better
Yet I walk down these streets
And I don't feel a soul anymore

Walk past the Duane Reed, past the HSBC
There's another Subway and a cellphone place
If there was a bar left to drink in..
But the last one got taken over by a Dunkin Donuts

And the streets get more crowded.
We keep building up, not out
Platforms get more jammed every day
And yet it seems everything that made it has gone away

Snow coming down
Almost makes me forget what's underneath
But when it melts away
It melts away

And the people don't seem to know or care
If you weren't here then, you don't know now
We look like anytown USA and that's our selling point
What was once the last stand against, is now the first stop for

1 comment:

Gina said...

these are good. pieces of your world. expressive and soulful.