Monday, May 8, 2017

Angels Walk

When I first moved back to Los Angeles I was still kind of hurting from a relationship ending. I wasn't sure if I was running away or towards something when I returned. I remember driving downtown to the office early in the morning listening to Paul Westerberg's Angels Walk, It's a Wonderful Lie and Lookin' out Forever and wondering what life had in store for me next.

Now just over eight years later I find myself in the same position. And once again it is Paul Westerberg getting me through a tough time.

That's what music does. It makes you feel worse when you want to feel worse and better when you want to feel better. Often the same song can do both. As Pete Townshend said, Rock & Roll won't solve your problems but it will let you dance all over them.


Anonymous said...

All my life, waiting for somebody
Ah-ha-ha, come and take my hand
All my life, waiting for somebody
Ah-ha-ha, whoa, yeah

Down so long, doesn't really matter
This downtown home, been kicked and I've been spurred
You comin' along? It does't really matter
I'll go it alone--doesn't even hurt

Paul Westerberg

Anonymous said...

Last time I saw her it was turnin' colder
But that was years ago
Last I heard she had moved to Boulder
But where she's now I don't know
But there's somethin' 'bout this time of year
That spins my head around
Takes me back makes me wonder
What she's doin' now

'Cause what she's doin' now is tearin' me apart
Fillin' up my mind and emptyin' my heart
I can hear her call each time the cold wind blows
And I wonder if she knows...what she's doin' now

Just for laughs I dialed her old number
But no one knew her name
Hung up the phone sat there and wondered
If she'd ever done the same
I took a walk in the evenin' wind
To clear my head somehow
But tonight I lie here thinkin'
What she doin' now