Thursday, June 8, 2017

Around the Bend

Pretty much sleep all the time now
Only thing that gives my head some peace
Tired of chasing something that's not there
Doesn't really matter in the end anyway

Keep looking for some validation
From people who don't even know me
As if somehow that will bring some happiness
When the only one who can do that is in the mirror staring back at me.

Got reminded that having a fire
Only gets you burned in the end
Am I getting too old to fight
Or does it no longer matter who's right

Each day gets tougher
To pretend to care
Push myself back up that hill
Hoping for some inspiration

So much noise all around
Nothing I want to hear
Rather sit here in the dark
And wait for the lid to close

Maybe next time around
I'll climb a mountain
Sail a sea
Or just have someone next to me

No regrets about the road I'm on
Got here myself with no map
Try to do right where I can
And hope for something better around the bend.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I hear Pink Floyd is looking for a new lyricist.

Perhaps submit an application.