Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Stolen Love

It was a moment of stolen love
A glance from across a room
An acknowledgement of what once was
Until you decided to change the tune

Thought we were on the same page
Shared the same hopes and dreams
But when you got free of your cage
It turned out nothing was what it seemed

No one is to blame; it's how we played it
We had what each other wanted
When neither of us could take it
And now that's been forgotten

You needed me
I needed you
To find the strength to be free
To prove I'm good and true

We fight the urge to let our hearts mend
Instead we feel each other's presence from miles away
Afraid to let ourselves be vulnerable again
Even though we know these feelings won't be swayed

Time to make that stolen love our own
Move past those cracks we put in this road
Not because we're afraid of being alone
It's the only way we'll ever find home

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