Thursday, June 8, 2017

Dusty Old Head

Wish things had been different
When I needed you
You couldn't be bothered
When you needed me
I looked the other way

Did my best to steer clear of you
Didn't seem you wanted me around
Always angry, always bitter, always yelling
All I wanted to do was hide
And yes, sometimes I wished you'd die

Now I know you didn't want to be there
And none of it had much to do with me
I was just part of the scenery
A piece of background noise
In a cursed home

The dark clouds over you
Vanished over time
But for me to survive
I had to learn not to want
To be touched, held or loved

And now you're gone
And I'm still here
That anger that kept me strong
Now only serves to keep me down
Thousands of miles from my home

Only thing I know for sure
Won't pass those feelings on to anyone else
These demons will die here
Just me and some memories
In this dusty old head

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