Monday, April 17, 2017

Face the Sins

Move from ally to ally
From can to can
Looking for something to eat
Something that tastes all right
Sleep during the day
No one fucks with you then
But when the sun goes down
It's best to be on the move
Roam the streets until dawn
Can't take a chance by lying down
Some punk with a can of gas and a match
Might light a fire just for laughs
When the sun comes up
Get some rest in the park
If no cops show, rest until dark
They stopped looking years ago
Lost cause, already dead
Can't blame them really
Didn't want to be found
And now it's too late to go back
Wouldn't know where to start or what to say
Easier just to live day by day
Then face the sins that got me this way

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey Rick Grimes. Go out and kill a few Walkers. Might make you feel better.