Saturday, April 15, 2017


Jitters lives under a house
She's as quiet as a mouse
Takes her a long time to trust
Animal control removed her ability to lust

Jitters eats my food for free
In return I just let her be
She likes to play with my cat Fluff
But sometimes she can be a little rough

Jitters lets me pick her up and hold her
She doesn't let anyone else go there
She carved a hole in my window screen
So she can come and go when she wants to be seen

Jitters jumps at the slightest sound
She's aware of everything that's around
Can't ever sneak up on her
She's a living motion detector

Jitters waits for me to come home
Deep down she doesn't like to be alone
She wants love and security like you and me
As long as she can still be free

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